Responsibly Sourced. Repurposed. Sustainable.

At Surface our passion is unique materials and designs that inspire. With a focus on conservation, reclaiming and up-cycling, we recover wood from antique barns, mills, bridges, schools, factories and other historic buildings.

Our reclaimed materials bring a unique character to each project. Cracks, checks, nail holes, old hand-hewn techniques, and exposure to the elements create the century-old patinas that distinguish each surface.


With both our team and our clients we build relationships founded on a mutual enthusiasm for sustainability and innovative design.


We source materials from vintage agricultural buildings and industrial complexes all over the Eastern United States. The trees that were used to build these structures came from towering native old growth forests, which grew slowly, dense and straight creating stronger and more stable wood than modern day forestry can produce. By reclaiming this wood we save thousands of board feet of beautiful, high quality material from a fate in a landfill. We are committed to the conservation and responsible stewardship of our limited natural resources.

Waynesboro Cattle Barn
Tennessee Barn
Waiteville Barn
Dublin Barn
Rockbridge County Barn
Weis Barn

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